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A simple system that allows the user to load a database of addresses and create lists for volunteer door canvassers. These lists are designed to allow volunteers to efficiently canvas geographic areas in small manageable pieces.


  • Load a CSV of address data into a database
  • Geocode the addresses using the Google geocode API
  • Drag and drop map. When moved, it queries the database for records within a 0.5 mile radius to the center of the map
  • Allow the user to export the list and mark the addresses as claimed so they cannot be claimed again


The Canvassing Planner was built to easily handle 1 million+ rows of address information by using the Geospatial features of MySQL 8.0. The search takes the Latitude and Longitude of the center of map and runs the equivalent of the haversine formula against all points to build a list of homes within a 1/2 mile radius.

This tool has been used to support multiple door canvassing campaigns for various organizations.