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Covid-19 has created a major strain in all of our lives. Layoffs, hoarders, and doom around every corner. One of my favorite companies has done its best to keep up with increased demand while attempting to adhere to safe social distancing guidelines.

The curbside service from HEB is amazing but has been hard to find good slot and store due to the increased demand. Their website works well but is a little unwieldy when it comes to finding available curbside slots at a store near you.

My Solution

I created to help people find availability by simply typing a zip code. The site then speaks to the HEB curbside API to return a list of HEB stores within a 100 mile radius along with their curbside availability.


In less than 30 days the site has had over 20,000 users with over 64,000 searches!

Media Coverage

The tool managed to gain enough attention to get featured on a few online media outlets.

Thank you all for the kind emails and messages on Reddit.