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Recent Projects

Canvassing Planner

A simple system that allows the user to load a database of addresses and create lists for volunteer door canvassers. These lists are designed to allow volunteers to efficiently canvas geographic areas in small manageable pieces. Requirements Load a CSV of address data...

County Health Assessment Tool

Project Goal CHAT (community health assessment tool) is an innovative emergency management tool commissioned by Midland County Judge and Emergency Management Coordinator that utilizes SMS (texting) technology to gauge changes in the general health of the community...

HEB Curbside Availability Utility

Covid-19 has created a major strain in all of our lives. Layoffs, hoarders, and doom around every corner. One of my favorite companies has done its best to keep up with increased demand while attempting to adhere to safe social distancing guidelines. The curbside...

I have a video streaming site that uses ffmpeg for encoding videos. I needed some reconfiguration of the ffmpeg command that turned out to be a lot more difficult than anticipated, the company that WROTE the software for the streaming platform couldn’t get it done, wrote it off as impossible. Brandon finished the job inside of 5 hours with perfect functionality. I give him my highest recommendation.

Brandon is an excellent developer. He took my idea and made it extremely functional and user friendly. I am not going to hesitate to use his services again. If you get a chance to work with Brandon, please do. His customer service and his development were off the charts! Thanks, Brandon!

Brandon was fantastic with the turnaround (he only needed 2 business days from award to completion) and used only 75% of the hours he estimated. There were issues with some of the information and files provided by the end user and he worked with me to get the right information from the end-user and validate that the process worked as expected.

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